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Free Fairy Graphics and Fun!

Below are a collection of a few bits and pieces that you can use or print for free like Free fairy art and free fantasy art avatars and desktop wallpapers, and free arts and crafts for the young and young at heart!

PLEASE NOTE: The following items are available for free use ONLY for non-profit, personal use only, and not to be distributed in any way or form. 

Free "Avatar" Icons

Some cute little animated icons for use in your blog, live journal, forums, where ever! If you use these please also put the text "Icon and Art by Selina Fenech www.selinafenech.com"
as close to the icon as possible, eg. on your user info page or signature. Just right click on the icon and save it to your computer for use, please do not direct link.


Fantasy Paperdolls Game

This is a little game Selina put together a few years ago with fantasy dress up dollsshe had designed and drawn, now available as a free download. There are four seperate dolls to play with! A man, woman, little gnome woman, and a black and white "colour in" doll, which was designed to be dressed up then coloured in yourself (you can't colour in in the game though, it needs to be printed or saved into a graphics program). Lots and lots of clothes for each one. Have fun! 
Click here to download and play the game...
TIP- Right click and select "Save Target As" to save the game onto your computer! 

Free Colouring In Images and Crafts

Simply click on the images for a larger version to print out.


"The Tease"


"Angel of Love"

"Angel of Truth"

"Angel of Compassion"

"Angel of Compassion"


"All I Want for Christmas"

"Be Mine"

"Nouveau Fairy Spring"

"Nouveau Fairy Autumn"

"Nouveau Fairy Summer"

"Nouveau Fairy Winter"

A free mermaid to colour in. Print it on cardboard to make a free bookmark!

A free tooth fairy box to make!

A Mermaid Frame you can print out and use for all sorts of things! A Photo frame, place mat, door name plate and more. Click on the image above for a larger version to print.

A free fairy to colour in. Print it in the top corner to make pretty fairy stationary! Click on the image above for a larger version to print.


To download these wallpapers, click on the image you want and wait while the image loads. Once it has loaded, right click on the image and select "Set as Background".

Fantasy Decorative Initials Alphabet

These letters were illustrated and designed by Selina Fenech and are saved here as transperant gif picture files, which you may download and use free for any non-profit use by following the guidelines in Image Usage.
Read the poem below, also written by Selina, to explain what each fantasy creature is!

A is for Angels, the guardians of the sky.
B is for Brownies, who oft make mischief and lie. 
C is for Centaur, the gallant half men steeds. 
D is for Dragons, who don't always do nasty deeds. 
E is for Elf, the noble forest race. 
F is for Fairy, with pretty wings of lace. 
G is for Griffon, the part lion, part eagle beast. 
H is for Harpy, who sometimes on men feast. 
I is for Imp, the playfully evil critters. 
J is for Jinn, who may grant you three wishes. 
K is for Kirin, the unicorn of the East. 
L is for Leprechaun, whose avarice never ceased. 
M is for Mermaid, who swim under ship and sail. 
N is for Naga, with a long and snakey tail. 
O is for Ogre, who fees and foes and fies. 
P is for Pegasus, the horse who soars the skies. 
Q is for Queen, who will rule for many days. 
R is for Roane, the Irish seal faes. 
S is for Satyr, who plays upon his pipes. 
T is for Treante, the twisted tree man types. 
U is for Unicorn, with horn upon their head. 
V is for Vampire, the cold, blood drinking dead. 
W is for Wyvern, the drakes with wings for arms. 
X is for Xylo-Fae, the wood spirit with charms. 
Y is for Yeti, the white ape of cold heights. 
Z is for Zephyr, the wind that lifts up sprites.


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