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Fairy Art and Fantasy Art Gallery for Lovers of Fairy Magic!

Welcome to the Fairy Fantasy Art galleries and library for all things Fairy! Here you will find a collection of fairy art from various fairy artists as well as gift shopping, fairy information and some free fairy fun!

For all things goblin, brownie, sprite, nixie, pixie, puck, selkie, fae, fairy, sylph, elf, sidhe, tuatha de dannan, faery, seelie and unseelie! The fairy art by the artists shown on this site are all current, living artists who are working every day to create new images of fantasy and magic to share with you! Help support them by visiting their websites and buying their art prints and gift products.

Selina Fenech Fairy Art
Selina Fenech
Jessica Galbreth Fairy Art
Jessica Galbreth
Jasmine Strangeling Fairy Art
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Michele-lee Phelan Fairy Art
Michele-lee Phelan
Margaret Dean Fairy Photography
Margaret Dean
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